So my wife doesn't take my herb gathering very seriously...

The herbs are homosexual?
If not, then what does she mean?
Oh, "gay" means "stupid?"
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I finally got to use my limited knowledge of Spanish for something.

This is more or less what I wanted to do when I took Spanish. Bad thing is, I feel like I only learned 1/4th of the content (I like to sleep). I'll definitely admit that a lot of guesswork was involved when I was figuring that particular sentence out.

A few weeks ago I had a discussion in French in trade. Then someone reported me for it because according to him you aren't allowed to speak French on a English speaking server.
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World of Warcraft 4.3 content revealed

Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft keeps on keeping on, now well into its 6th year and seeing another major point release (content patch 4.3), complete with new raids, new items, new faces on old places (like Darkmoon Faire and Zul’Aman, to name two) and the final epic battle against Deathwing the Destroyer. Blizzard did a little Q&A session with World of Warcraft’s Lead Encounter Designer, Scott Mercer and the challenges of getting this grandiose final encounter into the game.

It took a lot of new technologies to set up the fight on Deathwing’s back. The artists in particular focused on selling the fantasy that you’re grappling with a giant dragon midflight. We’ve never done anything quite like that before. Overall, setting the right scope for an encounter like Deathwing required a lot of development disciplines working together–artists, coders, encounter designers, level designers, and animators. We built corrupted Deathwing as a giant set piece with a lot of moving parts–probably our most complicated character model to date–but we felt it was necessary to convey the epic scale and do justice to the final boss of Cataclysm.

As per usual, Blizzard isn’t naming an exact date for 4.3 to drop, but it’s coming up soon (hence all the promo). When it arrives, you’ll be able to grab it simply by logging into and letting the game patch.

Knock World of Warcraft if you wish, but no other MMO has offered up as much high-quality content for free. Ever. Their point releases are like what other games companies would treat as expansions. They earn that subscription fee, folks.
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Blizzard Revealing Project Titan Next Month

The long-rumored "casual MMO" Titan may be revealed at BlizzCon 2011 next month due to pressure caused by Diablo 3's delay and the release of SWTOR.

M2 Research senior analyst Billy Pidgeon firmly believes that Blizzard will finally reveal its much-rumored next-gen MMO -- codenamed "Titan" -- next month at BlizzCon 2011. There's no solid proof that this big reveal will actually take place, but there's talk that Blizzard is under pressure to deliver something big before the end of the year now that Diablo 3 has slipped into a Q1 2012 release window, and EA's Star Wars: The Old Republic is officially arriving on store shelves this December.

"If they are holding any juicy details, it's going to be announced at BlizzCon," Pidgeon said. "The big news is probably going to be a Diablo 3 date and a possible new announcement about one or more new properties."

Now that Diablo 3 is essentially out in the open, Blizzard doesn't have anything to really "wow" gamers with other than additional coverage of StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm and possibly content from the next World of Warcraft expansion pack. Revealing "Titan" at BlizzCon 2011 would seemingly take the focus off Diablo 3's delay and the impending Star Wars MMOG.

Previous reports have indicated that "Titan" will be a new casual MMO based on a completely new IP, but it will be more complimentary rather than competitive in regards to Blizzard's other MMOG, World of Warcraft. A leaked Blizzard roadmap also showed that the game is slated for a Q4 2013 release alongside the fifth World of Warcraft expansion pack.

"While people do have a limited amount of free time that they can devote to these types of games, we do think that people will want to check out the new and the old," said Blizzard COO Paul Sams. "We think the new one is very compelling and is going to capture a lot of hearts and minds and will be very successful for us."

While competing MMORPGs have added free-to-play, microtransaction-based models to their service lineup (City of Heroes, EverQuest 2, DDO, etc), Blizzard has yet to address this demographic with World of Warcraft. The closest its come to this model is with the release of a "demo" Starter Edition which allows gamers to play World of Warcraft for free, but limitations include a level cap of 20, a maximum of 10 gold, the inability to trade in the Auction House and more.

Will the casual "Titan" MMO address the free-to-play market? If Pidgeon is right and Blizzard plans to reveal the game during BlizzCon 2011, we'll find out all the juicy details on October 21 - 22.
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Took a screenshot right when I dinged at each level. This is the final result.

But I never got any taller...

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The art of asking for boosts. Heh...

If I did that I would at least run them through in the end for being a good sport.

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Get outside instance after using LFG teleport

So this is pretty minor thing, but still can be handy to know sometimes.

If you use LFG tool to teleport into instance, normally when you run out from it you will get teleported to original location. Now if you want to get outside without getting teleported, there's few possible ways. First you have to die and release(no repair cost if you remove gear). If you're lvl 85 and queued for ZA/ZG, then leave group, set dungeon difficulty to normal, run back in and you are resurrected outside instance. If you're level 80-84 and queued to normal instance, you can get the same result by leaving group and turning difficulty to heroic before running in. And obviously you could use spirit healer rez too but that can be expensive.

Example use: you want to raid BWD but everyone is at orgrimmar, make a group of 5 where one player is lvl 80, use LFG to get to normal BRC, then that lvl80 dies, leaves group, set difficulty to heroic, run back, short flight to BWD entrance and mass summon everyone there and save couple minutes of flying.
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Brazilian World of Warcraft to be released in Europe

The Brazilian Portuguese version of World of Warcraft is soon to be released in Europe.

Brazilian Portuguese is set to be the tenth officially supported language for World of Warcraft. English, French, German, Spanish, and Russian are also currently available in Europe.

Current subscribers to the MMO will be able to download a free language pack supporting the new language. Additionally a European Portuguese retail box and localised documentation will be available in stores.

All expansions will be available in this language.

It is thought the new language will help turn around World of Warcraft's downward trend in subscribers, by inviting non-English speaking users to join.
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Infinity Brewfest Prize Token from There and Back Again

I found this bug at the first Brewfest event 2006 and I am using it every year.
I always keep it to myself only, because you know, post a bug here means asking BLZ for a fix quickly.
But I don't care now, WOW is boring and I maybe quit soon.

  1. Get this quest There and Back Again - Quest - World of Warcraft
  2. It must NOT be the daily one. If you completed it and it become daily then sorry do it on an alt.
  3. The quest ask you to carry the keg 3 times, go to the guy that gives you the kegs as usual
  4. Go back and just before you hand the keg to the assistant NPC, ABONDAND the quest.
  5. Now you should be lost your Ram Racing Reins, but still on the quest-given time-limited ram, have the keg in your backpack, and without the quest .Hand the keg to npc.
  6. You got 2 Brewfest Prize Token.

Cancel the quest given ram buff. Repeat 1-5 and farm as much Brewfest Prize Token as you want.
I am sure with some macro the "abondand quest" part can be a lot easier, and I will leave it to others to find out

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so thats why horde does it

Eye of the Storm Random BGs are the reason I lost faith in humanity. A bunch of people competing to carry a flag back to a tower they don't own and rather than help the people who have worked out the correct strategy just comment on it in /BG. "YOU IDIOTS THREE TOWERS ARE BETTER THAN FLAG CAPTURES". Nobody listens. And what results is a half hour of the human race at its worst. And the outcome owes more to chance and chaos than what the people playing intend to do.

And you can apply that to almost every field of human endeavour. Politics, Science, Economics, Journalism. Its all basically what goes on in Eye of the Storm on a massive and real scale. Except its not half as funny to push people off bridges in real life.

The author is Bludlemon, he made a tons of comics that ended up on WoW official fan art page.
There's more of it at supermegatopia although be warned some of the stuff can be nsfw'ish. The guy really, really likes women attributes.
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Minecraft Meets World of Warcraft

What do you get when you toss Minecraft and World of Warcraft into a mixing bowl? How about a mod with the strange title of Mine of WorldCraft.

Although some may agree that World of Minecraft may roll off the tongue a little better than the current title, the mod's mixture of words was likely chosen to escape any legal hounds that may be sniffing at the project. Nevertheless, the game itself should remain unscathed. Unfortunately, little else is known about the mod save for what's seen in the video below.

The idea should be fairly obvious: it's a fantasy-based MMORPG using the Minecraft engine. The in-game world features the typical Minecraft pixilated visuals, but the overlying UI is more in tune with Blizzard's game or other MMORPGs on the market. Choose a faction, a gender, a specific class, and you're on your way to hacking up blocky wolves and donning super-awesome armor in a Minecraft/World of Warcraft hybrid environment.

Whether this mod is for real or just a joke on behalf of a very creative film maker, the clip is highly entertaining to watch. Little details will bring a smile to any MMORPG fan's face such as the Night Elf race that will "likely die out due to a shortage of males anytime now" to the description of the Paladin class which reads "Paladins are a weird kind of people with an extreme love for Notch and the color yellow."

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The Diablo III Beta Is Now Live !!!!!!

The fiery gates leading to the Burning Hells have begun to swing open, and the Diablo III beta test is officially underway. Invitations to participate in the beta test are now being delivered to the chosen heroes. As with beta tests for other Blizzard Entertainment games, the testing process for Diablo III will occur in phases. In addition to selecting players who have opted in via their accounts, we’ll also be providing keys through beta promotions and giveaways -- stay tuned for more info. We welcome those invited to provide feedback or report bugs on the official forums.

If you have a beta license, you are free to show, share, or talk about any portion of the beta content to which you have access, as this beta test is not confidential.

We’d like to remind those looking forward to an invite to be wary of phishing attempts. If you believe you’ve received an invite to the Diablo III beta test, it’s best to refrain from clicking on any links in the email, and instead log in to your account to see if a Diablo III beta game account was granted. Or, if you were sent a key, attempt to add it manually by going to the Add or Upgrade a Game section of the account management page.

For those who have received an invite to the beta test, we thank you for helping us test out our server stability and hardware. For those of you still hoping for an invite, we wish you the best of luck and hope you’ll keep an eye out for some of the beta-key giveaways and promotions we’ll have right here on the Diablo III community site.

For more information, please see the beta opt-in announcement and FAQ.
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Extra daily quest (Brewfest)

- take the daily quest "the Brewfest Brew" and do it
- stay in place and queue to donjon finder and kill Coren
- quit group, the daily quest reapear

Work for me with 2 characters, was the first time of day than i kill Coren, Eu servers.

it work only one time
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1 man 10 & 25 man Ulduar Flame Leviathan + Dwarfagedon Orbital Bombardment & Shutout

So i was bored. (Inorite Wow is soooo exciting!)

Decided to go try and get Dwarfageddon achievement on one of my alts for kicks.

Set to 25m. zoned in, grabbed the Siege Engine, and went out to the front area.

Waited for all of the front portals to unload all of there men ( gives you 87) then drove around and gathered the other nearby packs for the remaining 13.

Stacked em up. And rammed/electrocuted. bam achievement.

Zoned out. switched to 10m...rinse repeat.

For Flame Leviathan I left Hodir up...(I tried this with multiple towers up and failed miserably)

Trick was this. (Clearly high ilvl helps too as these vehicles scale with Ilvl - mine was 360)

Move in every Demolisher, Bike, and Siege engine. Position them spread out along the front a line.

(Had both Siege engines in the middle bikes on each side, and one Demolisher on the left corner) <-- this is key

Took the remaining Demolisher to the right corner....pulled and stacked Pyrium up to 10 while blowing him up.

tanked until Demolisher was at 10%...jumped out (Hell still attack the vehicle for a couple seconds).....ran with sprint pot to left front corner and grabbed the remaining Demolisher.

By this time Leviathan switched targets to one of the Siege engines along the wall and starting attacking it. (This i where i figured its an exploit. unmanned vehicle being attacked lul)

Hodirs fury came out (Big deal).....finished him off.

Fight took less than 80 seconds. Free 200 gold and well, a cure for boredom and 2 year old achievements =p
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Scarlet Monastey Testing Area

This is a way to acces a 'testing area,' as VotuUS would put it, from Scarlet Monastery. This glitch requires a mage, and is really simple. Just go into the Scarlet Monastery 'Hub,' where all 4 instances are located.

Walk into the one on the right from where you walk in, on the side walls. Not the one with a door. Once you are in the instance, blink out the door, you will be in the hub, but instanced.
Walk south to the big grey doorways, jump through!

To my knowledge this has worked since classic and has yet to be patched.

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I was going to wait until I accumulated 100, but I just couldn't do it...

These were obtained from ZA/ZG. Maybe 1-2 from normal, but vast majority were ZA/ZG.

As a side note, I think I opened up 10-15 before "saving them" and had a White Polar Bear and some other misc. pets I can't remember. My hopes were so high!

As a tip and something I remembered AFTER looting the Raven Lord (that I already knew) - DO NOT AUTO LOOT THESE . You can open, view the contents and mail to another character on your account that doesn't have the pet/mount already learned.

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Roll need on BOEs but don't become soulbound

This method works without having to trade with another person to make it BOE again. Useful if soloing or don't trust the person you are with.

  1. Have a stackable item in your bags. Volatiles or cloth works well for this.
  2. If an item comes up that is BOE that you want to sell or have for another character, split the stackable item until your bags are completely full.
  3. Roll need. Because your bags are full, you will win but it will remain on the mob.
  4. Stack up the item, and pick up your loot off the mob.

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Watch Out: Diablo 3 Phishers

The people trying to scam your information are using Email. They are emailing letters to those of us in an attempt to snag our Battle.Net information for their own gains. Here is what you should expect to see in your email, these emails are often filtered into your "Trash/Spam" section, but some may get through to your "Inbox". Sorry if you have to squint a little, but I have to follow strict guidelines for images within my articles.

They are pretty easy to spot, because Blizzard Entertainment wouldn't go about that type of invitation system. You will most likely get an email that looks a LOT more professional and redirects you to a link. As the phishers become more advanced, keep a better eye out for the fishy looking emails, no pun intended.

For those of you that are curious as to how they got your email, you can refer to this link:

t's pretty general, but you'll want to focus on the "Web Spider" information. A spider is a program that can search for terms strictly relating to "" "" and many more. It makes a list and people can use this for either good or bad. Primarily bad. Just thought I'd make a quick informative article for the public as we expect to see more official Diablo 3 Beta invites soon. I understand I may have talked about this with the "breaking news" article, but I didn't go into more depth with it.

What do you think? Will the phishers get more advanced as time goes on? Either way, just keep a closer eye out as more idea's andhacks come to the surface. We don't like seeing people get hacked! Thanks to my loyal readers and commenters!

User Pointed Out: "Blizzard wouldn't redirect you to a domain either. They would simply state that your Account is upgraded for the Beta and that you can download it in your account settings on or sth." Thanks!
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Lowell mom lured teen, 16, for sex using World of Warcraft video game

Federal prosecutors say a Lowell woman, a 35-year-old mother of five, lured a minor for sex after meeting him while playing an online video game.

Angie Jenkins was sentenced Thursday to more than seven years in prison and ordered to pay $4,480 in restitution to the Buffalo, N.Y. victim, the U.S. Attorney's Office in Buffalo said. She pleaded guilty in April to receiving child pornography.

Jenkins met the 15-year-old boy through the game World of Warcraft and traveled to Buffalo in 2010 to have sex with him when he was 16, in Buffalo, N.Y. reported (see video, below).

The boy's parents alerted authorities after noticing numerous out-of-state calls on his cell phone. Investigators later found graphic images they say he'd sent to Jenkins at her request.

"Investigators say Jenkins, rented a car and drove from her home in Lowell to have sex with the now 16-year-old boy in the back seat of her car in a department store parking lot in Amherst, N.Y," WIBV reported. The trip is more than 370 miles.

"Eventually, the parents contacted authorities and Jenkins was arrested last month. Federal Judge Hugh Scott ordered a mental health evaluation," the station reported.

Jenkins allegedly made contact with the 15-year-old boy with the World of Warcraft video game, where players can talk with each other, according to the U.S. attorney.

When the boy's parents took away his cell phone, she bought him a new phone, and drove to New York to have sex with the boy, then 16, in a parking lot, WIBV said, quoting federal sources.

She also called the boy a coward and threatened to kill herself if he broke off the relationship, according to the report.

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The Official World Of Warcraft Magazine Is No More

Future Publishing has decided to cease publication of World Of Warcraft: The Official Magazine. Only five issues were released of the magazine, which was an officially-licensed periodical devoted solely to the popular MMORPG.

WoW: The Official Magazine was quarterly magazine with previews, interviews, art, and guides to WoW. It was a subscriber-only publication so you wouldn't have seen it in stores. There were no advertisements in the magazine so subscriptions were probably its only source of revenue. Guess they just didn't get the amount of readers needed to stay afloat.

If you were going to base a magazine around one game, it seems like WoW would be a smart bet considering the size of the player base. The popularity of the game cuts both ways, though. There are so many impressive sites devoted solely to covering WoW that can be accessed for free, so it's a bit tough for a premium mag to compete. Those websites had a big head-start, too; WoW was about five years old when the magazine first launched.

I made a similar point in my interview with Julian Rignall, the editorial director of the magazine, last year. Rignall's position was that the high production value of the magazine and its exclusive behind-the-scenes access would allow it to stand out, though.

Most WoW: The Magazine subscribers will get a choice between a full refund of their remaining subscription balance or a collection of six in-game WoW pets. A few subscribers with lengthy subscriptions were also offered additional premiums, such as a PC Gamer subscription. Full details on the refund process can be found at the magazine's website.
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A few gold making examples

A few people have commented about ways to make money, so I decided to put my nickel in since I'm not a new player.

1. Easy tip: do homework first. I noticed that when I started selling in AH certain items were not found! These items should be top on your list to craft, buy & sell in AH.

2. Notice items in AH that are ridiculously high in price and sell those such as on my server Elemental Air/Water/Fire are scarce and sell for bufu bucks. Also low end ore like Copper, Tin, Silver, Gold if mining are good money makers..why? cause high level players are too lazy to farm them, need mats for their twinks and AH tells me so.

3. Find NPC's who sell exotic pets (ie. Blue Dragonhawk Hatchlings are sold by Dealer Rashaad in Stormspire) and buy up a ton of the most expensive ones on AH or the ones that don't exist! Why, I have sold dragon hawk hatchlings that I bought from a vendor for 10g and sold them for 49-69g each on my realm, you do the math. None of the dragonhawk hatchlings existed on AH, so check your Auction House! This also goes for any limited available items from any NPC's when traveling around doing your questing such as "Strong Fishing Poles", Patterns, schematics etc.. These will sell for 10 to 25x or more what you paid for them and they don't cost much in the way of deposits for 48 hours listing like armor, ore or weapons do.

My favorites are "Goblin Rocket Fuel" recipe that my Engineer makes and no one on my server was crafting with a common parchment and engineer's ink which SOLD for a WHOOPING 199g at one point and recently selling for 69g just today due to another competitor selling. Pay attention to AH and you will make a ton of gold. Fishing is also an excellent source of income and some cooked fish can sell for high gold/stack. Another favorite was "Big Iron Fishing Pole" +20 fishing, which sold on my server for 100g every time i listed it, why you ask... I did my homework and none were available. That pole can be farmed in the Shellfish Traps in Desolace underwater by the horde village (drop rate is 1 out of maybe 8 -10 cages).

Last tip: Subscribe to WOW Armory for your mobile phone, worth the $3 to trade anywhere.
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This is the best tip i have ever seen logging into wow

I can remember being about 3 months into being new and seeing the tooltip that told me I could eat AND drink at the same time...was a wow, really?! moment.

Site note: There's a girl I follow on Twitter who uses "clicking the Lightwell" as a euphemism for masturbation. I find that pretty HoT
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[Warrior] Use Ranged Weapon While Using Bladestorm

Ever wanted to be an axethrower from old ZG? Use whirlwind and throw your throwing weapon of choice at your enemies? Well.. apparently you can!

I found this a few hours ago while getting some Zone Quest achievements out of the way.

So a step by step guide;

Rage up, or enter Deadly Calm.

Annihilate melee range mobs.

Quickly spam Throw/Shoot while in Bladestorm at distant targets to have them join the meat grinder.

Video below!

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Nature's Bounty with Scholomance trinket

If you still have the oldschool OR new Scholo trinket [Barov Servant Caller], you can cast rejuv on the servants, and once they dissapear, you'll keep the 30% Nourish haste buff (Sometime's it doesen't dissapear after death, might be because you haven't left the instance).

You can then replace the trinket with whatever lvl appropriate trinket you have and still keep the buff until you die.

Hope it helps some of you in leveling, or even raiding

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Level 70 Twinking guide

Let's get started by clearing up the common questions.
Q: What levels do you play against when you lock experience in battlegrounds?
A: 70-74

Q: Can you get gladiator titles or anything like that?
A: You can get rated BG titles and 'The Arena Master'

Q: How are 70 BG que times?
A: 70 BG que times are around 5-7 minutes tops

Q: I want to level past 70, how do I get into a 70 arena team?
A: First of all, you HAVE to have a level 70 team leader (Should be like a 70 alt or a friend that you trust), that way when you level to 72, your 70 twink leader can invite other 70 twinks.

Q: How much honor does it take to purchase full Brutal?
A: 1900 Honor

Class ChoicesViable 70 twinking PVP classes
Paladin, Rogue, Resto/Feral Druid, Frost/Fire Mage, Death Knight, Disc/Shadow Priest, and Shamans. (All classes are usable, these are just the most common and easier to play due to 70 twinking being a burst game)

Holy: Holy paladins are great for single-healing, they offer Blessing of Protection, Divine Shield to escape CC, melee silence., and party uninterruptable cast buff
Protection: Protection paladins gear themselves as if they were retribution, using beserking on their MH and titanium plating on their shield. They can pull off 5kAvenger's Shield and 7k Shield of the Righteous, they offer Blessing of Protection and a ranged silence as well as a melee silence as well as 3 defensive cooldowns (Divine Protection, Ardent Defender, and Divine Guardian.
Retribution: Retribution paladins can pull off a quick burst and is great in 3s, 5s. They offer Blessing of Protection, 3% more damage to your party members and replenishment and repentance
Benefits of leveling past 70 - Two talent points, Avenging Wrath (Very OP for ret paladins, 10k hammers of wrath; It is purgable/dispellable), and Engineering goggles [Healing and Ret.]

Restoration: Good at keeping all team members alive with HoTs, they offer faerie fire (Nightmare for feral druids, forces a rogue to cloak to remove) and the bonus of being unsnarable.
Feral: Offhand healing, powerful burst (9k ferocious bites, 2k bleeds), they offer faerie fire and the bonus of being unsnarable.
Benefits of leveling past 70 - Two talent points, Cyclone, and engineering goggles [Feral and Resto.]

Frost: Crazy burst (If you haven't noticed yet, frost mages are OP at any level as of 4.2), they bring to the table 3k-4k Ice lances, Deep Freeze - Spell - World of Warcraft, and Polymorph.
Fire: Crazy burst, but more periodic (has a lot less survivability however.), they offer Dragon's Breath and Polymorph.
Benefits of leveling past 70 (Mages shouldn't level past 70 due to diminishing stats and don't offer another spell) - 2 Talent points and engineering goggles.

Death Knights
Frost: Offers powerful Obliterates (5-9k), Hungering Cold, and Strangulates
Unholy: Offers Anti-Magic Zone and Strangulates
Blood: Great survivability, offers Strangulates, Rune Tap - Spell - World of Warcraft, and Rune Weapon to split DPS or hit one person hard.
Benefits of leveling past 70 - Two talent points, Archaeology axes , and engineering goggles.

Subtlety: Crazy Burst, rivaling mages. They bring to the table Cloak of Shadows (immunity to all spells), two Vanishes, and a uncleansable CC.
Benefits of leveling past 70 (Rogues shouldn't level past 70 due to diminishing stats and don't offer another spell) - 2 Talent points, and engineering goggles.

Shadow: They bring powerful Mind blasts (5-8k shadow damage spikes), Dispesion, 5 second ranged silence, and a party 5% haste buff.
Discipline: Best healer in the 70 bracket; provides 9k Power-word shields, Pain supression (40% less damage taken), and Power infusion.
Benefits of leveling past 70 (Priests shouldn't level past 70 due to diminishing stats) - 2 Talent points, DPS engineering goggles, and Mass Dispel

[Offers totems and Wind Shear]
Restoration: Good restos are able to tank ANY 70 DPS class alone; they bring Earth Shield, Mana Tide Totem, and Spirit-Link Totem
Enhancement: Good DPS, however should be used at 71 for Archaeology axes.
Elemental: Amazing burst, offers Thunderstorm (AoE knockback, usable during stuns) and optional +10% SP to party members.
Benefits of leveling past 70 - 2 Talent points Archaeology axes, and engineering goggles [Resto/Ele and Enh.]
BiS Twink Gear (Items left outside of the column are optional)

Engineering - Should always be leveled above all others, due to the 1/8 chance (Gnomes get a 3/8 chance) of getting Tazik Shockers (Fire a ball of electricity for 4320-5230 nature damage) or Synapse Springs (increase highest base stat by 480). Even if you don't get Synapse/Tazik, you still are able to use it's other powerful bonuses: Sonic Booster, Noise Machine etc.
Jewelcrafting - Provides 3 +34 stat gems
Herbalism - Increase haste by 240 and heal you
Mining - Increase stamina by 60
Skinning - Increase crit rating by 40
Leatherworking - 130+ AP to bracers and +75 AP to leggings
Blacksmithing - Additional glove and bracer socket


Rare 70 Twink Mounts
Ground Mounts
Firey Warhorse Reins - 1% drop chance from Attumen of Huntsman of Karazahn.

Reins of the Raven Lord - 1.8% drop chance from heroic Anzu of Setthek Halls.

Swift White Hawkstrider - 4% drop chance from heroic Kael'Thas of Magister's Terrace.

Rivendare's Deathcharger - 1% drop chance from Lord Aurius Rivendare of Stratholme.

Reins of the Grey Riding Camel (Comes with Camel-Hoarder title)
How to: Place your twink in Feralas along the beach, have a 85 friend find Mysterious Camel Figurines (scattered all over Uldum) he/she will be ported to Feralas, there they will find Dormus, he has 250k hp. Once your friend kills Dormus he will drop a camel, roll and win the camel and equip.

Flying Mounts
The famed Ashes of Al'ar - 1.7% drop chance from Kael'Thas of Tempest Keep.

Blue Proto-Drake - 0.2% drop chance from Satchel of Exotic Mysteries

Green Proto-Drake - 0.3% drop chance from Satchel of Exotic Mysteries

Time-Lost Proto-Drake
How to: (The Ultimate Guide to Farming the Time-Lost Proto Drake)
Twink 70 Titles
The Explorer - Explore every continent
Of the Shattered Sun - Achieve exalted with the Shattered Sun and donate 1000 gold to them.
Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor - Discover "X" amount of rare artifacts.
The Argent Champion - Earn exalted status with the Argent Crusade and Argent Dawn
Guardian of Cenarius - Earn exalted status with the Cenarion Circle and the Cenarion Expedition.
The Patient - 50 successful heroic runs
Jenkins - Kill 50 Rookery Whelps in 15 seconds
The Camel-Hoarder - Obtain the Reins of the Grey Riding camel.
The Arena Master - 2200 rating in 2s/3s/5s, 300 arena wins, and last man standing.
Veteran of the Horde - Win trade 75 RBG games.
All RBG Titles
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I know I hadn't played this character in a long time, but really?

So old, I remember when that first opened on the server Illidan. It was so epic the server crashed.

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Diablo 3 Beta Sooner Than Later?

I was suddenly alerted as I opened my WoW client and was about to login and to my surprise I saw, "BREAKING NEWS!" My first thought is, "oh great, more restarts or maintenance? downtime?" After a little bit of reading I had come to find out that I was being informed ofDiablo 3 phishers by Blizzard Entertainment! This is purely speculation, but could that mean we might have our beta sooner than later? It could mean there is a huge increase of scam emails, but in all honesty, how much do you think Blizzard cares for your account integrity? The image shown here is what alarmed me, and made the immediate thought of, "BETA SOON?! NAO?!"

At this point, you have to choose what side of the bridge your going to cross. Do you want to be that crazy conspiracy theorist like Dr. Doom or do you want the FACTS and what we DO know? I would really like you guys to cross my side of the bridge, so I shall enlighten everyone with some information to back up my side of the bridge. No tinfoil hats needed.

Dr. Doom Side Possibilities:

- Blizzard could be watching out for our accounts well being and just posting to make the community aware of the situation. In Dr. Doom's mind, I'm thinking, "so there is an increase of phishing scams, does that mean someone knows something I don't?" Also, it could mean Blizzard wants us to keep an eye out for the REAL beta invites!

- Blizzard might be hinting to the community, and its in this little breaking news on the WoW login.

- Here is some more 'factual' information to help back my theory. This could be Blizzard bringing awareness that the Diablo 3 Beta is soon and that we should be watching our emails, because like their product slate says, it's coming out in Quarter 4, which would be in November. That is a reasonable amount of time for the beta to go on, and have a release of a product. I attended Blizzcon 2010 and they announced that their will be a release of Diablo 3 within the next year, hence it's 2011. Check out the Blizzard Product Slate that was leaked, for those of us who haven't already been enlightened by it.

That's all the information I have to back my side of the bridge, so you can go with Dr. Doom the nut job who likes to formulate his own speculations and creating excitement for others, or you can go with the facts and what's been announced side of the bridge. Which will probably just cause you stress and feeling of sadness! It is all up to you the reader, and I am more than welcoming all of you to walk with me on my side to the darkness of the Pits of Hell in Diablo 3 Beta awareness!

What is everyone's opinion on this? Do you think my speculation and conspiracies could be leading to something?! Or do you think I am going bonkers and losing a sense of reality? I'd love to hear anyone's opinion on whether or not they think this breaking news has anything to do with the actual Diablo 3 Beta, or if they have formulated their own speculations. Thank you loyal readers and I hope you enjoyed the article!

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Just found an awesome screen shot of a 10 hour AV from Vanilla.

I miss AV, and that people played it how it should be played.
Summoning those lords to aid you in fighting, and fucking World Wars going on in the middle of the field.

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Death by Logging On

"Hey, I'm just gonna log on... Maybe farm some herbs or somet- NOPE."

Did you guys know that if DW spits fire on a zone with a Zeppelin that the fire travels back to orgrimmar on the zep? Cause I didn't know till I got killed by a flaming Zeppelin.
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Repping up with Darkmoon faire quickly and cheaply during Harvest Festival(ongoing)

So It's been a long time since I bothered with Darkmoon faire. Recently I came across a quest that grants you 250 rep for a 36xGreen Firework turn-in though. 

It turns out a Harvest Festival NPC sells you that very item for the quest very cheap. 

Green Fireworks is the Darkmoon repeatable, and the Harvet Festival NPC outside of IF/Ogrimmar sells the fireworks item!!!

Thiss would otherwise would be a bit expensive to buy off the AH during this period.

Note that it stacks up only till 5 so fill up !

Have fun !...

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Combat Guardian

There is a Horde quest available Survey the Lakeshore - Quest that gives you which provides a guardian combat pet Surveyor's Beacon - Item that is usable anywhere, including BGs.

This pet doesn't hit for much, but will provide pushback, chase after stealthed classes, and interrupt bandages. As well, if your enemies use nameplates, it will add an additional piece of confusion to the battlefield.

Because it is a guardian, you can have it in addition to your regular pet.

Enjoy your little goblin wench!
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[Rogue] Distract "Stun" Nalorakk Patrols

Instance: Zul'aman
Area: Approaching Nalorakk, three group pulls he sends out on script.

Class: Rogue
Skill: Distract
Exploit: While in stealth, approach close enough to the pull to cause the script to run (or have a party member do this), and Nalorakk will send his minions towards your party. While they are en route to the party, before they aggro, use Distract. As normal, the mobs will turn to look at the center point of Distract.Unlike normal, when the party engages, the mobs will not aggro, standing there effectively stunned. No threat will be amassed. At the end of Distract's usual duration, the mobs continue their pathing, at the end of which they will aggo as normal.

Benefit: 10 seconds of free DPS on three pulls in Zul'aman.

Drawbacks: Without warning your tank, this can confuse him, as he will not have any threat when they reach the end of their usual pathing. Also, you will be unable to CC the targets until they reach their usual pathing end, per usual, so this does not help to set up CC.

Theory: I theorize that this has to do with how the script commands the units to move to the bottom of their stairs, or across the large platform, before engaging. As they have not reached their destination, they will not yet aggro.

This worked for me on two separate occasions today, with all three pulls. I hope this is a new find. If this has been posted before, or if others are unable to replicate, feel free to correct me.
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Needlerock Rider Exp trick

Ok. So I discovered this totally by accident and it involves the Needlerock Rider mob in Deepholm. This is a trogg riding a basilisk. I also think it's a phased area so you may or may not have access to these mobs. The mob in the picture provided is located at 24,60.

If you aggro the mob, the trogg dismounts the basilisk and combat ensues. However, if you're on a flying mount you can repeatedly aggro and exit combat spawning huge numbers of these basilisks. As I'm level 85 and couldn't find anyone willing to test this within the zone or my guild, the only thing that makes me believe this will work is that when I kill the basilisks, they proc victory rush. And since the target of my kill has to either yield honor or exp for victory rush to proc, I can only assume they do give exp.

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[Druid] Mass ress fun - kill the ressed people

Druids can mass ress while flying in flight form - thus making the ressed people ress midair and fall to their death.

We trolled people big time like this:

  • summon people somewhere they will get killed.
  • mass res them all where they will die again.
  • /rw trollolololoolololol trollololol trollolololoolololol Trolllolololol!!!
  • leave group

Someone needs to do that to 39 people, record it and put it on youtube

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Moon Guard: Clearing the Miasma of Rumor

Think about Moon Guard, and what comes to your mind? ERP, most likely. While Moon Guard does have an extremely active and sometimes frightening Goldshire inn, this is really only indicative of the server's level of activity in general. It breeds on the server because the server is one of the most populous servers on the US Realmlist, and the most populated RP server worldwide. Every active roleplaying server has it's Goldshire, as the zone is easily accessible from Stormwind City, which is a hub for activities of all varieties, especially in Cataclysm.

The video above is a fantastic example of Stormwind City's roleplay, and there is roleplay beyond these city gates, as well. For a current or aspiring roleplayer looking for the perfect server, Moon Guard is a fantastic and shining example of an RP community that works. I loved this video so much that I thought I'd post it up on the frontpage and give OwnedCore a view of what Moon Guard is really like.

Roleplaying can be a great way to make the game feel new again, and so long as you ignore Goldshire, Moon Guard is an excellent place to start. Jesse Cox and WoWCrendor made a short series of videos detailing their adventures on Moon Guard, which can be found on Jesse's channel, "OMFGCata" on YouTube. While the series mainly deals with the duo checking out Goldshire, it started a firestorm in the roleplaying community that motivated many people to reply back with their own videos of Moon Guard's actual roleplaying community.

For those of you who'd like to expand your horizons, Moon Guard (US-RP) is a great place, and aphel even has his own guild there. Whisper me in game on "Aphel", a level 85 Night Elf Hunter, or one of my officers in , the server's most active Hardcore RP-PvP guild.

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Blizzard Entertainment Offering Paid Guild Name Changes Soon?

There has been wide speculation as to why Blizzard's Game Masters don't allow guild name changes as often as needed. Might we have the answer here within this article? I believe so. Two different players (that I'm quoting) are complaining that they weren't allowed to get a name change for their guild's as requested, and both of them had replies from Game Master's or "blues" and they gave a vague reply that basically said they will be offering paid guild name changes in the near future. Here is the original post from a user namedPreliatus, who asked,

Alright, so last night I submitted a ticket asking for a guild name change. Other than side tracking the Game Master at first this certain Game Master felt unprofessional, but aside from the fantastic 5 hour wait time, which I got to congratulateCustomer Support on.
Anyways this Game Master told me there is a new Guild Renaming feature coming soon and even though I currently don't like my current guild name I was told to wait until this new service comes out to change my guild name.
I feel like I was either fed hogwash, or given a response that would be suitable to someone begging to get their name changed. So my question is is there -really- a service coming out that allows me to change the name of my guild withoutGM assistance, or was I just fed a big fat lie from a Gamemaster who was too lazy to help me out?

After that little wall of text has critted you for over 9000, check out the response from Zenlyth, a blue poster.

Unfortunately, we do not have a service for guild name changes available upon request. There are very few times where we would grant a guild name change under certain circumstances. The new feature is in the works as mentioned in the previous blue posts, and when it is available you will be able to change the name if you wish, but for now this is not a service we offer.

Another user posted in Preliatus's thread and quoted a segment of another blue post from Netherea.

Guild leaders who do not want a change of scenery may also choose to pick a new guild name using another new service. These services are in development and we will be providing additional details at a future point in time.

Another user named Hardkore also asked the same question, quoting:
Blizzard needs to do something about this issue. I have had several friends that have had this done by a gm and two of them had it done recently within the past few months. Yet for some reason when I ask to have it done they can't help me. I have already gotten over my initial frustration and I have not renewed my account because I really feel like it is a bunch of bs. All I want is a straight answer or a solution to solve this issue. I don't wanna hear "sorry, we can't help you at this time, go read our forums". I've read every thread, forum, and have done hours of research. If Blizzard is going to charge real money for this service (like they do with everything else) I would most likely pay to have it done because I'm that aggrevated by this. You should not be doing this for some people for free and then say it can't be done for others. It obviously can be done and I'm sure it only takes a few seconds for your game techs to make the change so why the big run-around??? I have quit playing WoW and do not plan on returning unless I get some real answers for such a simple issue.

Another wall of text, and more of a rant than a question, but there was also a reply from Zenlyth, the same person who was giving gratification to the fact that there is a guild name change service in the works. Here is Zenlyth's reply to Hardkore:
I answered this yesterday for a similar issue, which applies to your request:
Unfortunately, we do not have a service for guild name changes available upon request. There are very few times where we would grant a guild name change under certain circumstances. The new feature is in the works as mentioned in the previous blue posts, and when it is available you will be able to change the name if you wish, but for now this is not a service we offer.

Enough of the quotations, you guys get the idea! What I'm getting at is, that there is more than enough proof that there is a Guild Name Change Service in the works, and I am curious as to when it will be announced. Us as players can only speculate so much, as there are multiple things to consider. Will it be released before Patch 4.3? Will it be released before the next WoW Expansion? How do they go about preparing people for it? Those are the type of things to consider, and ask yourself. I am more than positive as soon as that option is available, you'll see it put to use. I am curious as to what they are going to charge us for this "service," $10? $25? Most likely a price people are willing to pay. Does the decision stem from greed? or efficiency? Most likely greed, but clearly people are willing to pay for something as silly as this. A lot of players won't be surprised by this action as Blizzard is offering pets, mounts, and more for the sweet greenbacks. All we can do at this point is simply wait, and speculate how this is going to turn out. What is everyone's opinion on the subject? 
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Defender of Azeroth

BUD LIGHT PRESENTS: Real American Heroes. Reeal American Heeeeeroes! Today, we salute YOU, Mister part-time helpdesk tech, Full-time Raider. Mister part-time helpdesk tech, Full-time Raiiidddderr! Without you, we'd be forced to learn how to use our own common sense with electronics. The Power button is Weheererrr? But YOU, sir, read the manual and talk us through it. So WE can Kill Ragnaros! With your headset stuck with perspiration to the side of your head, you bravely explain such complex tasks as checking e-mail, and powercycling networking gear, and WHY do you do it? Because somewhere, a guild is relying on you for their off-tank in tonight's 10-man. Our backup's not geared! So crack open an ICE COLD Bud Light, oh defender of a senseless world, and know that when America is looking for a man to make things happen, you DO have the number for tier 2 support. You know your shiiiiiiiiiiitt!
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Barrens chat

Its also the place where only 25% of all zhevras have hooves, you can get fish that turns you into a pirate/ninja and there are strangely intelligent raptors stealing silver.
I think there might be an old god under the barrens.
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Happens far to often...

I love when people say "dude it's just a 5 man" when they refuse to buff. Like hey man "it's just a button", press it and stop being an ass clown. I always reply "it took you way longer to type that message than it would have taken to buff everyone."

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SWTOR: Strategies

Diablo III news and guides

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