30 December, 2008

WoW Leveling trick: Amazing XP in Icecrown 77+


  • Basic Chemistry NOT FINISHED! (A- http://www.wowhead.com/?quest=13295) (H- http://www.wowhead.com/?quest=13279)
  • A group that consists of 4 AoE DPS and 1 Healer. (Preferably a person or two with the quest as well.)

  • Ability to AoEBasically what you do is go to 61, 63 in Icecrown (the lowest level) and you should see a big cauldron.

  • Use Pustulent Spinal Fluid (Pustulant Spinal Fluid - Item - World of Warcraft)

    When the mobs appear you either get 1 elite, 1 elite and 4 slimes, or a big group of slimes. You want the big group of slimes. Go up and tag the mobs UNGROUPED before the group of AoE DPS kills them. The quest will say you are failing but just wait for the cooldown on the fluid to be up again.You get around 1k xp each mob you kill.
    Rinse and repeat.

    I got 30k xp in around 3 minutes doing this exploit, have fun.

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    28 December, 2008

    Farm Ursoc for 15k each kill


    I just completed: Ursoc, the Bear God
    I got to thinking afterwards..........what if I had just summoned Ursoc again? I solo'd Ursoc because I chose to have the NPC heal me. I got 15000 xp for JUST the mob kill.

    It took me a minute or two to solo it. There is an NPC abotu 15 yards away that you talk to in order to spawn the mob. It is secluded, so no one would know it's there unless they were doing the quest.

    Summon Ursoc, kill it, DO NOT cleanse the corpse. Talk to NPC, and do it all over again.....

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    Pet Exploit for Hunters: Taming Kili'ua

    Right now crabs are being speculated as one of the best pvp pets. So i listened to all of the hype over at Arena Junkies and decided to go tame one. Kili'ua- Petopia: Kili'ua


    He is a GIANT CRAB

    The Exploit:
    When you tame him he becomes smaller like all monster pets, but HIS SWIMBOX (the distance he can attack from) remains the same. So you end up with a tiny crab that can hit from 10-15 yards away.

    It is EPIC for PVP:
    1) Charges from really far away
    2) Pin, 4 second snare from really far away.

    This alone makes it the BEST pet for pvp/arenas.

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    27 December, 2008

    Easy Wrecking Ball Achievement for Death Knights

    I've noticed a bug with the Deathknight class and Shadow of Death - Spell that basically allows you to quickly and easily get the Wrecking Ball - Achievement

    The bug is, after dying and returning as a Ghoul, your actual death won't register which allows you an advantage for the Wrecking Ball achievement.

    Now, sometimes you'll get killed and just flat out die without returning as a Ghoul, I'm not entirely sure why this happens but when it does, it will count as a death. So as long as this doesn't happen, you can easily get the achievement. In this picture, I actually died 4 times, all 4 times returning as a ghoul, not one of them counted as an actual death in the BG.

    (I'm the DK on the top with 17 kills 0 deaths)

    I'm not sure when this actually got bugged and I didn't find any existing posts on this, it should be common sense for DK's as I'm sure others have noticed this as well.

    Anyhow, enjoy!

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    Get into Horde Area of Dalaran as Alliance

    Two ways of doing this:

    1) With flying mount just fly into a building past the guards.

    OR (Paladins only below)

    2) Just throw a bubble on yourself and walk right in!

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    25 December, 2008

    World of Warcraft Exploit: Flying in old world & Solo'ing bosses

    Flying in old world

    You will need:

    1: XYZ or any possible way to modify your z - axis ( if you don't want to go there or use anything like that, that's fine.

    2: 3 other friends, one being a warlock. ( not two, THREE, so you can be summoned after you hearthed )

    3: A pretty high care-factor, heh.

    4: An "Unknown zone"

    The old school "Flying in azeroth trick" ( not the exploit )

    Step 1: Get you, and two of your friends to an Unknown area in azeroth, their are alot of them, you need to make sure that you can shift click your name and it definetly says " unknown "

    2: Hearth, and get on either 1: a flying mount 2: swift flight form ( swift flight form works better )

    3: Get summoned.

    4: To your amasement, you'll be flying in azeroth, but don't fly around just yet! If you leave the unknown area you'll get dismounted unfortunetly.

    Make sure you're on the ground, press 7 On XYZ ( or modify your Z axis just slightly with any program or cheat-engine, whatever works ) and then right click off your mount or swift flight form.

    5: You will be disconnected, relog to be completly shocked that you are FLYING IN AZEROTH WITHOUT A FLYING MOUNT

    Not only are you FLYING, but without a mount AS WELL!

    Using the disconnect trick you can solo bosses even, for example Ingvar the plunder'er on heroic by kiting him around after doing the Mount up/disconnect trick and running 100% speed.

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    Thousands of Gold for winterveil

    Ok, so this is very easy to do. What you need:

    1. Level 80
    2. Deathknight
    3. Trial RAF account linked to your lvl 80 account
    4. Time and Patience

    Ok this is what we're going to do. On ur lvl 80 main account make about 5 gnomes.Your going to delete them so don't worry.

    Get them all one-by-one to the gifts in IF.

    Log on to one. Open up another WoW window. Log into your level 80 account.
    Make your deathknight, summon him from the RAF trial to the gifts. Get all the gifts. If you get a summonable BOE pet,like the jingling bell etc. send it to your level 80 with the preserved holly you should get. Log out of ur DK.

    Delete the deathknight and make a new one. Also delete the gnome. Make a new gnome, but don't hop on him yet. Pick the next gnome that's by the gifts and then go make a dk on ur level 80 account. Summon him to the gifts. Rinse and repeat. Once all the holly/ pets are sent to your level 80, send them to your bank alt. Keep them there for 1-2 months then sell them for outrageous price idiots will buy. Say like 200-700g.

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    23 December, 2008

    World of Warcraft Cooking packs, great gold!

    Well people tend to be lazy, so lets think a way to exploit it...
    well cooking is a pain in the ass to lvl, and with winters veil and the "hot apple cider" there everybody is trying to get their cooking up.

    What you do is provide the mats and recipe's for them. It takes about 1-2 hours to farm them and the "packs" sell for over 2500g on my realm. Already sold 5 of them. We're not going to use fish, cause its annoying. The mats are for horde only, didn't feel like making and alliance one. One thing which is a great help in farming these mats is having a lot of FP's cause you'll be running around a lot!!

    What do you put in the packs:

    29 Simple Flour
    29 Mild Spices
    Just buy these from the vendor.

    10 Boar Meat
    Quick and easy farm right outside Orgrimmar .

    40 Bear Meat
    1 Recipe: Smoked Bear Meat
    The bears can be found in Silverpine forrest, the recipe is sold by Andrew Hilbert

    10 Bat Flesh
    1 Recipe: Bat Bites
    The bats can be found in ghostlands, the recipe is sold by Master Chef Mouldier

    43 Dig Rat
    Can be farmed at Bael Modan, you should also include a mail which directs them to the Questgiver in The Barrens Grub
    To add the mail, you let an alt send it to you and you just make a permanent copy of the letter and add it

    1 Expert Cookbook
    Can be bought from Shandrina in Shadowprey Village

    50 Lion Meat
    50 Hot Spices
    1 Recipe: Hot Lion Chops
    The lion meat you should gather just above Tarren Mill, the recipe can be bought from Zargh in Crossroads

    40 Raptor Flesh
    40 Hot Spices
    1 Recipe: Roast Raptor
    You can get the flesh outside Grom'gol, and the recipe inside from Nerrist

    30 White Spider Meat
    Great farm spot right outside Brackenwall Village, the recipe is available from any cooking trainer

    12 Giant Eggs
    10 Zesty Clam Meat
    20 Alterac Swiss
    Giant eggs, in Hinterlands from any Owlbeast
    Zesty Clam Meat, in Tanaris from the turtles at Steamwheedle Port
    Alterac Swiss, can be bought from a lot of vendors, I suggest just one on a zepplin
    In the mail include questgiver Dirge Quikcleave

    226-285 (here's where it gets tricky)
    50 Giant Eggs
    50 Tender Wolf Meat
    150 Soothing Spices
    1 Recipe: Monster Omelet
    1 Recipe: Tender Wolf Meat
    The eggs, again from any Owlbeast, but while your at it, kill the wolves around there aswell for the meat.
    The recipes can be Bought from: Himmik in Everlook and Dirge Quikcleave in Gadgetzan

    25 Sandworm Meat
    25 Soothing Spices
    These drop off, Dredge Chrushers and Strikers in Sillithus.
    In the mail include the location of Calandrath and tell them to finish that questline

    1 Master Cookbook
    This can be bought from Baxter in Thrallmar

    40 Ravager Flesh
    1 Recipe: Ravager Dogs
    The flesh can be farmed from the ravager in Hellfire Peninsula, the recipe can be bought from Cookie One-Eye

    This was it, now your able to make "Hot Apple Cider"
    Quick Summary:
    29 Simple Flour
    29 Mild Spices
    10 Boar Meat
    40 Bear Meat
    1 Recipe: Smoked Bear Meat
    10 Bat Flesh
    1 Recipe: Bat Bites
    43 Dig Rat
    1 Exper Cookbook
    50 Lion Meat
    90 Hot Spices
    1 Recipe: Hot Lion Chops
    40 Raptor Flesh
    1 Recipe: Roast Raptor
    30 White Spider Meat
    62 Giant Eggs
    10 Zesty Clam Meat
    20 Alterac Swiss
    50 Tender Wolf Meat
    175 Soothing Spices
    1 Recipe: Monster Omelet
    1 Recipe: Tender Wolf Meat
    25 Sandworm Meat
    1 Master Cookbook
    40 Ravager Flesh
    1 Recipe: Ravager Dogs

    When you got all the mats, just go to dalaran and /2 WTS cooking pack 1-325, all the mats included!
    and sell the **** out of it.

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    Solo Ahn'kahet Dungeon Daily Quest in 2 minutes as mage

    Here is a quick little exploit that allows Mage's to solo the daily quest "All Things in Good Time" which takes place inside the instance Ahn'Kahet: The Old Kingdom.

    Quest: All Things in Good Time - Quest

    The quest requires you to loot a Watchers Corpse and burn it at the alter behind the last boss. The item has a 1 hour duration, but this exploit lets you do it much, much faster.

    As you will see from the video by Doom, it takes just under 2 minutes to complete this daily that normally requires you to clear pretty much the entire instance. Enjoy the free gold from this 5 man daily!

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    22 December, 2008

    World of Warcraft Exploit: Crash world server!

    Yesterday I was doing the iron dwarf spawn exploit, and decided to try and spawn 1000+ dwarves (for fun).
    So, i set up netlimiter, an autoit script and started it.
    After a couple of seconds i got disconnected, i logged in again.
    I was still on the tiger, had ~0.1 fps.

    A couple of seconds later:

    Whole northrend crashed

    So here is how you do it:
    Get the quest Sniffing Out the Perpetrator (quest chain, starts with The Missing Bronzebeard )

    Get netlimiter, set wow.exe incoming limit to 100 (do not click the checkbox yet)

    Get a script for clicking, i made one in autoit (yes i know extremely simple)(right clicks 532 times):
    2shared - download 532rightclicks.exe
    virus scan(autoit false positive):
    Virustotal. MD5: 9bb081d0825d8968d394bf7509110a3e Suspicious File Trojan.Win32.Malware.1 Trojan/Downloader.AutoIt.ib
    source: pastebin - collaborative debugging tool

    Go to Frostbite - NPC - World of Warcraft

    Run wow in windowed mode
    Start the script, a box will pop up.

    (you will probably need to do this quick) check the checkbox for wow in netlimiter,
    put your mousepointer over the tiger and press enter to start the script.

    After a couple of seconds you will probably be dc'd, you can shut down netlimiter.

    Hopefully the world server will crash within a minute!

    When the server comes back up it will be rolled back 5 minutes. (This could probably be used for something)

    Basically, you slow down your connection so that you have time to click the tiger more before you mount up.
    Then the script clicks the tiger and spawns ~1600 dwarfes within around 3 seconds.
    The server can't stand doing that and then crashes.

    You can probably get banned for doing this.

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    18 December, 2008

    World of Warcraft Cheat: Stock Up On Relic Of Ulduar as Horde

    Relic of Ulduar right now is just used to buy some buff drinks and a transformation flask in Storm Peaks. However, next patch they are changing it so that..

    • 1. They are not soulbound

    • 2. You can turn in 10 for 250 rep with Sons of Hodir (repeatable)

    • 3. Iron Boot Flask will cost 250 Relic of Ulduar (buy it now before it is changed!)

    Basically what you do is..

    • 1. Make a macro with this line only: /script VehicleExit();(I bound it to middle mouse for ease of access)

    • 2. Get the quest Sniffing Out the Perpetrator (horde only) from Khaliisi

    • 3. SPAM RIGHT CLICK on Frostbite standing next to her. This will create MULTIPLE copies of her mount, and tons of dwarves will come running at you.

    • 4. When you are on the mount, spam the macro button until you are off then repeat!

    Why did I post this you ask? Well, with the rep turn-ins everyone wants to get easy relics now, and this is as easy as it comes. These dwarves each have about 2.5k HP and they have the REGULAR LOOT TABLES! That means that you will get a relic about..75% of the time each kill. I got 60 Frostweave cloths, 61 Relics, and about 40g in like 10 min doing this.But don't abuse this! A GM might catch on if you do it for too long..

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    Win Strand of The Ancients as mage in 4 minutes without destroying any gates.

    This is a mage exploit were you blink through an invisible wall. But if you can find away around it you may be able to do it with other classes.

    This is for attacking. It takes just under 4 minutes to do.


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    16 December, 2008

    [Skinning] Nerubian Chitin || Secluded Area ~660-900G/Hour!

    Nerubian Chitin Farming Area

    The item in question:

    [Nerubian Chitin] a leatherworking reagent for certain patterns , most notably: [Frosthide Leg Armor]

    *Note* This item requires a minimum skinning level of 375+ (This information may be incorrect, and requires further review--I'll amend this post accordingly)

    The prices will obviously fluctuate per server -- they range from 20-30g per unit on my server.

    The aforementioned farming area is a layered/instanced questing zone, that allows for (to a certain degree) unhindered farming

    To skin in this area, you must NOT have completed [The Last Line of Defense] .

    The mobs in question are:
    Forgotten Depths Slayer & Forgotten Depths Ambusher
    Location: [84,74]

    They have a 30% yield to skin [Nerubian Chitin], and 30% chance to drop 1-4 Frostweave Cloth.

    If you are currently on the quest(s): Curing the Incurable and/or Defending the Vanguard -- this may be your exposition to the questing area, as well as the ability to receive 5-6k heals from the NPCs that you release.

    You may attack the spiders directly (as long as you get killing blow, you retain the ability to loot the mob) and/or attack the "Webbed Crusaders" in hopes of exposing a spider.

    The following are screenshots of this process for your review:

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    /Kissing the fast way

    We all know with winter veil's end going on that you need to kiss the revelers in inns to get certains items which are linked to achievements; Such as Mistletoe & snowflakes.

    Now this macro will let u get 2 items per hour instead of 1:
    1)make a macro like this:
    2)Now just click both revelers once and use the macro. By doing this u will kiss both revelers at the same time and tadaa 2 times the items u usually get.

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    15 December, 2008

    Free gold for 325+ Jewelcrafters

    Now that I've made a fair bit of coin off of this, I figured I'd share. When you hit 325 JC, you learn the recipe for a Purified Jaggal Pearl. At this point, raid the AH for any regular Jaggal Pearls (they usually go for 25s-50s a pop on my server) that have a buyout of roughly 85s or less. Obviously, the cheaper the better. Now, just grind away creating and vendoring the Purified Jaggal Pearls for a gold a pop. However much less than 85s you paid for each Jaggal Pearl is free gold. The reason for the 85s cutoff is that the Purified Draenic Water needed for the recipe costs about 15s per pop (a little less, actually).

    What you end up with is a formula roughly like this:
    (1 gold vendor Purified Jaggal Pearl) - (15 silver Purified Draenic Water) - (Whatever the cost of the Jaggal Pearl was) = Profit

    And yes, this doesn't seem like much until you consider how quickly it can scale (depending of course upon your server's economy), especially with the right addons (such as ones that buy off the AH automatically under a certain price, open mail in bulk, vendor specific items in bulk, etc). Even if you only made an average of 50 silver off of each, if there were two hundred of them on the AH, that's a quick hundred gold for pretty much zero effort.

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    Easy money With the start of winter veil

    well since its winterveil, people will need Small Eggs for the quest and the achivements, so a quick way to earn money is to go to 43.48. in Darkshore and kill Boomkins, they have a 50% chance to drop Small egg, and they die in one hit.

    Currently on my server 5 is selling for 12g BO

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    11 December, 2008

    World of Warcraft exploit: Fast Leveling(Group Aoe)

    In Icecrown there is a quest called "Neutralizing the Plague" which you go to a cauldron and use some slime and a bunch of mobs spawn. The mobs that spawn give 1k nonrested and usually 2-6 spawn per time. Here are the directions:

    Everyone but the person leveling should be in a group!

    1. Get Neutralizing the Plague

    2.Goto 63,62 and Kill a "Pustulant Horror" for a Flesh Giant Spine

    3.Head Inside and head to the left for the cauldron. Each person can use theirs on the cauldron at the same time or 1 at a time doesn't matter which(i could be wrong).

    4.Kill mobs that come out


    If you are having a bit of down time and have a decent group you can kill "Coprous the Defiled" which gives a nice chuck of XP

    The group I used when power leveling a friend this way was Hunter(guy being leveled), Priest holy, Lock, Mage + a warrior to tank the big guy but not needed

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    10 December, 2008

    Death Knight RANGED EXPLODE!

    This is a new exploit which I've found pretty useful in pvp after hitting 80 last night.

    You need to be specced far enough into Unholy to get the Shadow of Death talent that will transform you into a ghoul to allow you to keep fighting for a period of time.

    I've noticed in lvl 80 bg's that your ghoul form is almost useless as it will get bursted for so much that you can hardly get off any spells before dieing, so a quick explode to release your spirit is most efficient. (unless your target's at like 5%)

    What this trick does is keep you from dieing in ghoul form to anyone in any situation, especially pvp.

    What you need to do is use explode, which normally has a short casting time. If you stand still and try to explode, you will almost immediately be stunned or interrupted. Moving also seems to interrupt the cast.

    But for some reason, your lunge skill does not. This means you can make a macro like this:

      /cast Explode
      /cast Lunge

    You are now able to cast explode and then lunge toward anyone you have targeted, without getting your explode interrupted. This is useful in two different ways, as you can now explode on targets that are as far away as your lunge, finishing off anyone under 3k health, or target someone far enough away just to get the hell out of the middle of everyone.

    Using this method I've been able to consistently keep an undefeated record in all BG's as no one can kill me in ghoul form in the 2 seconds that my explode is secretly being casted under my lunge.

    I scrapped up a quick clip of the process here:
    (note, I didn't have my macro out at the time, so I didn't explode on top of the enemy. but you can still see that casting is not interrupted by the lunge)

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    Fly without a flying mount as Warlock

    Needed: Flying Carpet (Tailoring) Demonic Circle: Teleport Demonic Circle: Summon.
    1. Fly to k3
    2. Go behind the teleporter there
    3. Hug the teleporter (Go as near it as possible)
    4. Cast Demonic Circle: Summon while you're at the teleporter
    5. Go away from the teleporter
    6. Start mounting on your Flying carpet while spam clicking Demonic Circle: Teleport
    7. Start flying.

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    Naxx 10/25 Gluth Chow Range Exploit

    In Naxx 10/25 you can use the item from the cooking daily (Baby Spice, Baby Spice - Item - World of Warcraft) to shrink Gluth. This also shrinks his hit box, and increases the distance the Chow must travel during decimate by ~ 5 yards. It buys you a tiny bit more time to kill them.

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    09 December, 2008

    1-450 skinning in 2-3 hours or less. Exploit & Guide.

    If you want to skill up skinning from 0-450 in 2 hours or less, continue reading.
    (Other gathering proffesions are explained as well, but they take longer time). The guide is based on alliance because of flight routes and big cities placements, but can still be done easily with horde. Just create your own route.

    This thread consists of two parts:
    The exploit, and the guide.


    As i said, this is a repost. But i made this guide so people hopefully will understand it after reading it the first time.

    I recomend to gather atleast 7 mobs at the time, but some locations it's allmost impossible because mobs are to far away and will evade when you try to gather them up at one location. But let's begin.

    Train skinning, and move the skinning tab from your General Bar and to any key on your action bar.

    Go to a specific location and gather up ATLEAST 4 mobs of the same type and make sure they don't die far away from each other. They should be very close to each other so that you don't have to move a cm. (Varies though, at some locations you might have to move 10cm! )
    (Part two of this guide will show you how to use this exploit and gather up skilling at the fastest possible time).

    Now loot all the mobs. Secondly, Press your LEFT mouse button on one of the looted mobs and press the skinning button you just assigned to your hotbar. DON'T LOOT IT.
    Press esc or just press on the next mob and do the same exact thing.
    Rinse and repeat, and you will get skillups faster than you can imagine!

    You will notice at some areas mobs continue to spawn, just kill them at the same location and you got another mob to skin! Super efficient.


    What you need:


    * A character with skinning. (Duh)

    * The character should be level 77 or above if you want to reach 450. If he
    is not that high, this guide still works 100%, but it's common sense that you won't reach 450 before you are the level required to be.
    * Your hearthstone set in Dalaran. (Shattrah if you are level 70 or beneath)


    * (OPTIONAL, BUT HIGHLY RECOMENDED) Buy the cheapest gloves above level 50 at the Auction House. Doesn't matter wich one, but you have to be able to equip it. Now say in trade: WTB Enchant: Skinning. Mats no problem. If he asks you for mats, buy them at AH. If he got the mats, pay for the enchant and we are ready to begin!

    * Atleast four 16slot bags with full space, next to your backpack. Your backpack should consist of only the hearthstone and skinning knife. Anyways, just keep your backpack atleast half emptied and you should be fine.
    * On my character (Paladin), i stripped myself of gear because i would insta-kill the mobs at i tried to pull at early skinning skill (mobs level 4-20). Leading to the mobs being way to faaar away from each other.


    Let's begin!

    Level 0-75 (Dun Morogh):

    Remember to put on your gloves with +5 skinning and head over to Ironforge. Go outside to Kharanos and just beneath (South) there is a cave full of yeti's. I love yeti's, you can gather up about 6-7 at a time and they still spawn right on top of you. We wan't to skin these mobs all the way to level 75. (Takes approx 10min)

    Level 75-150 (The Barrens & Southern Barrens):Go back to Ironforge and learn the next rank of skinning, talk to the flight master and fly to Wetlands. Take the boat from wetlands to Theramore. Now go towards crossroads and take a right allmost down to Ratchet. (East of crossroads). When coming from crossroads towards Ratchet, you will see packs of Savannah Prowlers just chilling out in the bushes. Gather up these (Can easily gather up 6+ at a time) and skillup until approx 120-130. I prefer doing these to they're grey because the next part is a little bit slower.

    Level 150-225 (Hillsbrad foothills & Badlands):
    Go back towards Theramore but notice the Stormshout kodo's south of Camp Taurajo. Kill these, i managed to gather up about 4-5 at the same location. They do patrols too, so eventually more will patrol over your skillup-skinning area. Continue to skill up here until you are level 150.

    Go back to Theramore, take the boat to Menethil, and fly to Ironforge. Learn the next rank of skinning.
    Fly to hillsbrad foothills, and go to the Yeti Cave north of Southshore. Approx at the very middle of the map.
    I still love yeti's, same thing as the first yeti cave, these guys spawn fast you eventually you will have about 10+ mobs at the same location to skillup. Notice a few of them are red at the beginning, but don't worry, in a few skillups they will become orange. You will skill skinning all the way up to atleast 210 in this cave.

    Fly back to Ironforge, learn the next rank of skinning. Fly to Loch Modan, and go to badlands. Find a nice location for the wolfs here (They are pretty much all around) and skill these up to atleast 250.

    250 - 300 (Blasted Lands)

    Use your hearthstone again to Dalaran and use the portal to Stormwind, fly from here to Blasted lands. If your hearthstone is still on cooldown, just go to Loch Modan and fly directly to Blasted Lands.

    Find the hyenas here, i managed to gather up a pack of about 6 mobs at 48.21. They spawn quite fast and also have "patrols", hyenas with extremely long walk paths. Eventually you will have about 7-8 before you are finished.

    300-375 (Outlands, Hellfire Peninsula & Nagrand)
    In outlands, skinning is nerfed. One mob have 1/5 chance to give skillup, so prepare to use a LITTLE longer time here.

    Go directly to the portal to Outlands. Fly to Honor Hold and learn the next rank of skinning. Go outside and find the boars there. Doesn't matter where actually, they are everywhere. I managed to get a pack of 5 at the beginning, the more and more spawned around me and i ended up on atleast 10. Skill these up to atleast 340.

    Go back to honor hold (or temple of telhaamat if you are closer) and fly to Telaar in Nagrand. Go north towards the Nesingwary camp and find kodo's and stags around in this area. They can both be skinned, but the kodo's are very big so watch out where you kill it. They might fall on top of another mob you are going to skin, wich sucks.

    375-450 (Borean Tundra & Sholazar Basin)

    This is probably as fast as 75-150. Hearth to Dalaran and fly to Borean Tundra. Learn the next skillup. Eventually sell some thrash to vendor. You know those Mammoth's walking around with their babies? Great. You can get a pack of 100 if you want to here! You can even loot Arctic Fur of these guys when you skin, wich sells for 70+ G on most servers. Anyways, skill these guys up to atleast 425. Eventually, you can skin these up to about 440 but i recomend going to the next zone.
    Go to Fizzcrank Airstrip and fly to the nesingwary camp in Sholazar Basin. Go to the east of Frenzyheart Hill and gather up those Apes/Gorillas here. They are also great, and they also drop arctic fur.

    Congratulations, you are now a grand master skinner, in approx 3 hours!

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    05 December, 2008

    World of Warcraft Exploit: Old Strat Heroic Exploit

    Ok, in CoT: Old Strat Heroic, if you do the dungeon in less then 25 min you get to kill an extra boss who will always drop a Bronze Drake, plus normal heroic boss drops like badges.

    Now lets say that your group can't make the 25 min timer, like you've wiped couple times and the timer has droped to like 10 min, here is what you do that allows you to kill that boss if your in the dungeon for 10 min to 10 hours.

    Kill enough waves to get to the first boss, wipe on that boss then leave the instance, disband the group, wait about 30 min or even longer (just not long enough for the dungeon/raid id to reset) then go back in and do it like normal, zap the boxes, kill the waves and bosses, then when you get to the last boss, he'll still be there no mater how long you took.

    Now you don't gotta rush through to get there. Enjoy!

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    04 December, 2008

    World of Warcraft Exploits: 12 instantly respawning mobs (>lvl 74)

    Didn't want to post this until I myself got to 80 using the method.

    In Zul'Drak there is a quest chain amongst the Knights of the Ebon Blade. Starting with An Invitation, of Sorts... - Quest - World of Warcraft and ending with Betrayal - Quest - World of Warcraft in which you will have to kill Drakuru while taming some very strong Troll.

    Where that quest takes place, on top of a necropolis, amongst the sides there are 12 geists, stacked in packs of three each. These geists will always instantly respawn when killed so you can effectively just aoe or single target kill them down yet always have mobs on you to go.

    Killing them while the event is active up there is not a feastable alternative however, since during that time you take AoE damage from the boss in the center. So either finish the event yourself if that happens (it will not finish the quest for you) or fly there (in which case the event won't even trigger), or use your amulet to become friendly with him and he eventually despawns. Regardless its best to do this at night so you don't get your grinding interupted

    There is a kicker to this as well. If someone is starting the event while you are grinding, you can use your scepter to tame one of the trolls, then proceed to use your amulet so you become friendly with the scourge. Stay out of the fight and keep yourself friendly, for as long as your are friendly with them and out of combat when the event ends, you will keep the troll. This troll hits for 4-5k a hit so you will very rapidly kill the never ending spawn of geists, just make sure you get a hit on them yourself since if a pet solo kills mobs, you get no experience. The troll also has an ability that will heal you, making him ideal for grinding. However it will sometimes lose control but you can just retame it if that happens, eventually he'll disappear however.

    As an unholy DK, it took me roughly 12 minutes for each 100k xp by just grinding these mobs.

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    03 December, 2008

    Cool litle twink exploit

    In order to use this you have to be exlated with the Zandalar tribe.
    1) Go to Zul Gurub and collect Bijous and / or combinations of these coins to get 15 Zandalar honor tokens.
    2) Redeem them for a shoulder enchant of your choice at Yojamba isle.
    3) Enchant your heirloom shoulders.
    4) Send them to your low level twink.
    5) Profit.

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    02 December, 2008

    World of Warcraft Exploits: Transmutation Discovery Bug

    I found this a few weeks ago when Wrath launched and I was leveling my Alchemy up.

    Screenshots before explanation:

    What you do is this: Get your random eternal that you intend on transmuting and mats for another combine of your choosing. The first screenshot I just randomly made what I had mats for, the second I made with intentions of using and figuring out if the first time was just a fluke. Anyways, get the mats for the other elixir/potion/whatever ready and click combine on your transmute. Midcast on the combine select the other Alchemy recipe you have materials for, and immediately after the transmute finishes click combine. The best I can tell is the discovery chance is transferred over to the recipe you selected midcast. I discovered all of the recipes in 3 days, a friend used the same method and it took two.

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    World of Warcraft exploits: Duplicate Darkmoon Cards

    I discovered this exploit after 3.0 and kept it to myself to avoid it getting nerfed and made thousands of gold in between 3.0 and the expansion.

    The following works for level 60 and level 70 Darkmoon Card decks, and probably works for level 80 decks. However I have not tested this method on level 80 decks.

    Some cards (aces) are more rare and worth more than others.

    Inscription allows you to create darkmoon cards at random. This can suck because you end up wasting a ton of mats for random cards you don’t want.

    However this exploit will allow you to CHOOSE the card you want to make, allowing you to be much more profitable.

    Step 1: Obtain a card that you want to duplicate. Put it in your bag and make sure there are no other darkmoon cards in your bag.

    Step 2: Make sure you have full stacks of mats for creating the darkmoon card so that a stack isn’t completely consumed by making the card.

    Step 3: Fill all other empty slots in your bags with random crap.

    Step 4: Keep hitting the button in the inscription panel to create the card until the card is duplicated.

    This works because all the individual cards are stackable. If your inventory is full, it wont be able to make any other random card and your mats wont get wasted, you’ll get an inventory full message. The only card you can possibly make when your inventory is full is the card you want to duplicate (may take many tries, be patient).

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    01 December, 2008

    World of Warcraft cheat: Flying mount in Dalaran

    I'm always searching for spots to /flex with mounts so Dalaran was a dissapointment as you can't fly in here.
    But there is a way to get flying into dalaran and stay on it in some area's. so don't expect to fly around whole dalaran but there are some nice spots to just fly.

    When you go into Dalaran get in there from the west as close as possible to the red marked areas. then fly into it.
    If you get the Dismount warning fly back out of Dalaran and try again, takes 2-3 trys and you are in. stay withing the red area's and you can fly around there.

    These are the safe area's.

    And this is my /flex spot

    And 2 other pictures of where you can hang out.

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    World of Warcraft gold tip: Make Gold With Abyss Crystal

    Make Gold with Abyss Crystal

    1. Gain Exalted reputation with Wyrmcrest Accord
    2. buy Dragonfriend Bracers for 23g 80s
    3. disenchant into Abyss Crystal
    4. sell for 100g++ in ah
    5. $$$

    will get fixed soon i think, but for now, it works.

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